What We Do

Agri-Food Economic Systems is an independent economic research organization dedicated to  agriculture and food.  High quality economic research that will help develop a better, more competitive, more sustainable, and more profitable agri-food sector is our passion and our commitment.

Our Clients

Our clients are organizations with an interest in agriculture and food- private companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations, large and small.  They seek out economic research of the highest quality,  communicated effectively, and undertaken by a truly independent third-party.

How We Work

Clients commission research projects with us.  These range from small, quick turnover projects to large longer-term studies.  We work with clients by developing project proposals that meet their needs.  We make ourselves available throughout research projects, and create flexibility as the needs change in a project.  We do what it takes to ensure our work is correct, accurate, well communicated, and meets the needs of our clients.